Small Space Vegetable Gardening Ideas

Gardeners With Small Space Gardens Plant Vegetables in the Front Yard

Would you like to grow vegetables, but are limited by a small space in which to garden in?

Most people grow their vegetables in the backyard, but for many, they don’t just don’t have enough room behind their house in which to plant vegetables.

Well, if this sounds like you, how about looking beyond the backyard and toward your front yard?

Small space garden vegetablesVegetables are equally at home in a large plot or when tucked away into smaller areas.

Some homeowners make the most out of their small space by taking out some ornamental plants and planting vegetables instead.  Because vegetables are attractive, they do not take away from the curb appeal of this home, although they do probably increase the appetites of passersby.

raised vegetable garden front yard

This homeowner decided to utilize all of the space in this front yard in which to grow vegetables.  Raised beds were just waiting for vegetables to be planted.

A few months later the entire area was planted with a number of different vegetables…

small space vegetable garden


Zucchini took center stage in this front yard vegetable garden along with Swiss chard and tomatillos.


Swiss Chard




Cucumber Vines

Here is another front yard that maximized the afternoon shade provided by a tree in which to plant cucumbers.  They created homemade trellises using rebar.

If you have a small space in which to garden in, I encourage you to think “outside of the box” and look for other small space vegetable gardening ideas such as your front yard.


A word of caution before you start tearing up part of your front yard and begin planting vegetables; make sure that there are no zoning or HOA restrictions about planting vegetables in the front yard.  If deer, javelina or rabbits are a problem, make sure that you are able to fence in your vegetables.

So what if you want to grow vegetables, but don’t have anywhere to plant one?  Well, how about planting vegetables in pots?

Pots are a great small space vegetable gardening idea because they are a great way to maximize the small space available for gardening that many homeowners face.

Small space garden vegetables

Vegetable garden in a pot. Leaf lettuce, garlic, parsley and spinach are planted with pink petunias in this small space garden.

This pot has leaf lettuce, garlic, parsley and spinach growing happily beside flowering petunias.

So, if you think that your small space keeps you from growing your own vegetables, think again.

To learn more about how to grow vegetables in pots, click here.  For other ideas of how to garden in a small space, check out the article “Small Space Gardening”.

  1. Kathy Schwabe says

    Please make sure you’ve checked with your Town, City or Homeowners Association before planting in your front yard. Some places don’t allow it and gardeners have had to pull up and destroy their gardens.

  2. says

    Everything is so well organized. Well done! Thanks for these great tips. Started my first small home garden this year and (other than a disappointing bell peppers), things have gone pretty well.

  3. says

    I love the vegetable garden in the pot! It’s so cute!Other great idea-A raised bed—essentially a large planting box—is the ultimate problem solver: It offers perfect drainage, protection from pests, and easy access to crops. And it’s just the thing to turn your backyard into the farm of your dreams

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