A Peek at the All About Hummingbirds Program

We’re pretty proud of our new online education class, All About Hummingbirds. We wanted to give you a way to sample the class, so we put together this quick video with excerpts from the program. Check it out:

By the way, those experts you seen in the video are Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman. They are some of my favorite bird people around, and they have impressive backgrounds. Kenn Kaufman is a lifelong naturalist and the originator and editor of the Kaufman Field Guides series. Kenn burst onto the North American birding scene as a teenager, hitchhiking around the continent in pursuit of birds, an extended journey he later chronicled in his memoir Kingbird Highway. He’s been teaching people about birds since the 1980s. Kenn married Kimberly in 2005. Now the executive director of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Oak Harbor, Ohio, she has been studying birds for years. Together, she and Kenn work on a number of projects to interest more people in nature and to protect natural resources. You can learn more about the Kaufmans at kaufmanfieldguides.com.

All About Hummingbirds is $35. If you sign up, you’ll gain access into a great interactive program taught by the Kaufmans. We also have several “extras” like hummingbird videos, Q&As with the experts, downloadable PDFs and more. Check it out at backyardbirder.com.

  1. Christel Douglas says

    I live in BONITA SPINGS FLORIDA….but never seen any Hummingbirds.
    I had red flowers and a feeder……but NO hummingbirds!
    I love them, PLEASE HELP THANKS
    Christel Douglas

  2. says

    Do all hummingbirds migrate in Winter? I Live in Central New Jersey, which is plentiful in hunmmingbirds during the Summer but not now; I took down my feeders in September. but if by any chance I’m robbing stay-at-home hummers of food, I’d like to put bthem back up again.


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