Recycled Backyard: Holiday Chains From Vinyl Mini Blinds

Jill Staake

When I was a kid, I would spend hours each year with scissors and construction paper, making red and green paper chains to criss-cross the ceiling of my bedroom for Christmas. I still love the classic look of these chains, but paper isn’t very durable and certainly can’t be hung outdoors, so I wanted to find a stronger solution. Fortunately, the slats of an old vinyl mini blind are perfect for this project!


What You Need:

  • Vinyl mini-blinds – any width is fine, but I used 30″
  • Spray paint in your choice of colors
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

What To Do:

  • Disassemble the blinds by cutting the strings and separating the slats. You will need only the slats for this project.
  • Use spray paint to color both sides of the desired number of slats. If the blinds are dusty, be sure to clean them first so the spray paint will adhere.
  • Once the paint has dried, cut each slat in half, and then each half in half. (You’ll get four pieces from each slat, about 6 inches long.)
  • Shape one piece of slat into a circle and staple closed.
  • Pass another color of slat through the first, shape into a circle, and staple shut. Continue until all slats have been used.

It’s so easy! Hang them inside or outside, and they should last for quite awhile. You could do them in different colors for different holidays, or to support a school or sports team. Happy Decorating!

  1. Barbara says

    While I was teaching I’m sure I made hundreds of these. This is such a great idea. I’ll be hunting second hand stores and yard sales where I live for the blinds. Thanks

    • Roseanne says

      Be sure to use spray paint that is made for plastic, if not, the paint will flake off over time, especially if exposed to the elements…

  2. Roseanne says

    Another good place for used miniblinds is the Habitat for Humantiy Re-store thrift stores. We have a few here in the Denver, CO area. They sell new and used items that people take out of homes when they are remodeling, as well as closeouts from home stores and hardware stores. Lots of recycled backyard ideas. (think used bifold closet doors taken off thier hinges, attached at the bottoms for a raised garden form)

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