Rare and Beautiful Green-Flowered Plants

Jill Staake

I have a special affinity for blooms in shades of green, probably because they’re not particularly common in the flower world. In general, flowers need to be brightly-colored or a brilliant white that distinguishes itself from the surrounding foliage, in order to draw in pollinators and ensure fertilization. So green-flowered plants are a little rare, but just about always worth seeking out. This year, I bought a new hippeastrum bulb (also known as “amaryllis”, these bulbs can be planted outside in Florida and are a great investment here) called ‘Evergreen’. It began blooming last week, pale green stars on tall sturdy stems.

With a stack of seed catalogs on my desk, I was inspired to start leafing through, looking for other green blooms to add to my garden. Here are a few of my favorites:

Green Wizard Rudbeckia and Green Jewel Echinacea, Park Seed

Envy Zinnia, Park Seed and Green Ice Hellebore, Burpee

Cinderella Lim Lisianthus, Park Seed, and Bells of Ireland, Burpee

Not all of these will grow well in Florida’s difficult climate, but I’m thinking of trying out Envy Zinnia and Green Wizard Rudbeckia this year. What about you – what green flowers do you love to grow? Tell us in the comments below, or check out this Birds & Blooms list for more inspiration.

  1. Deborah says

    I live in the N.E.- So I would say it would be the Hellebore. I love it for its evergreen foliage and early blooming time.
    A relatively easy perennial to grow in shady locations. I grow the green flowered varieties as well as the other many shades
    available in my yard! :)

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