Quick Fix for Valentine’s Day Potted Plant Gifts

Jill Staake

More flowers are given as gifts on Valentine’s Day than any other holiday of the year – by some estimates, nearly 200 million roses alone were exchanged in 2012! I love giving flowers for Valentine’s Day, but I often choose potted garden plants which last much longer and offer a wider variety of options.  I’m always looking for new and easy ways to dress up those ugly pots, though (and I’m not all that fond of the foil wrap stuff you sometimes get from florists and grocery stores). During a recent trip to the dollar store, I came across a something that sparked an idea – plastic “Chinese take-out” containers.

These came in a variety of colors and I loved the fact that they were made of some type of flexible plastic. When you place the plants inside, they can be watered without needing to put a dish or something underneath, making this gift ready-to-go for any recipient anywhere. I’ve also seen these containers in various sizes and patterns at craft stores. These were fairly large and held plants in 6-inch pots. Smaller ones are available that would be great for smaller plants like African Violets.

I went ahead and cut the flaps off of the boxes, since there wasn’t really any need for them. Since this gift was for Valentine’s Day, I then cut hearts from the plastic flaps and added them as gift tags to the plants. If you don’t have scissors handy, you can of course just tuck the flaps inside the box and pop in your plant – even easier!

How do you dress us potted plants when you give them as gifts? Tell us your ideas in the comments below. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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