Plant Pick of the Month: Fall Shrubs

Fall is perfect for planting shrubs. It’s a quick way to add color and interest to your spaces. The cool air of fall creates an ideal environment for adding or replacing shrubs in your garden space. The ground is still warm and the air temps cooler, so shrubs need less water to establish a foundation.

One of my favorite fall-blooming shrubs is my Rose of Sharon. It’s easy to grow and will bloom the very first year. It’s hardy in Zones 5-9. In a protected area, it thrives in my Zone 4 backyard.

Do your research before choosing your shrub – you’ll want the right plant for your sun and soil needs and the size of your planting space. Ask your nursery or go online to find out which shrubs can spread and be potentially invasive.

Where to put your fall shrubs:

  • In front of evergreens  – they make a lush backdrop to show off shrubs with great fall color.
  • In a new garden space -  they lend structure and “bones” to the space.
  • In containers – small shrubs can be planted in containers (in warm zones).

    gray dogwood | paula bonelli |

    gray dogwood | cornus racemosa

 Zone 4 shrubs with fall color:

More tips for adding fall color to your gardenscape.

After you’ve planted your shrubs:

  • Water well up until the first hard freeze.
  • Mulch for protection.

Find all kinds of fall gardening tips and ideas at Birds and Blooms.

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