Pinterest Roundup: Mother’s Day DIY Projects

Jill Staake

Have you checked out our Pinterest boards yet? They’re a great source of ideas and projects for gardeners, bird-lovers, butterfly folks, and more!

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, but it’s not too late to get busy and make her something she’ll love! Or do one of these projects together with the mothers in your life, since nothing is more valuable to a mom than spending time with her family. Here are some of our favorite DIY projects from our Pinterest boards. Click the links or images to visit Pinterest and get more info about the item, or to pin them to your own boards.

Recycled Backyard

 Gifts for Gardeners

Hummingbird Haven

 Bird-Inspired Interiors

 Backyard Projects

Need more ideas? Click here to visit the Birds & Blooms Pinterest page for many more! 

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From Our Community

IS THIS what some of your days are like?

Found this on FB and had to laugh as well as share it with you all!!
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Oh, dang! I forgot to do what I was going to do today!

Sheesh!  Why do I get so sidetracked?  Wanted to work on my outside storage shed, get the boxes broken down for trash day, and empty 2 last boxes!…
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