Pink-Flowered Strawberries for Your Fruit Garden

Add pink-flowered strawberries to your fruit garden, where they're perfect in containers.

Jill Staake

Winter is the time to plant strawberries in Florida. When I went to pick up some plants to add to my strawberry bed this year, I discovered something I hadn’t seen before: pink-flowered strawberry plants!

Pink Flowered Strawberries Fruit Garden

While pink-flowered strawberry plants have been available in the past, they usually didn’t produce much fruit. The variety I’m growing, ‘Tristan’, was introduced in 2012, and produces plenty of small sweet berries. This variety doesn’t send out the usual runners that strawberry plants do, making it even better for growing in containers. ‘Tristan’ is an everbearing variety, meaning it will continue to produce as long as conditions are right.

Pink-Flowered Strawberries

This variety is an everbearing type, called ‘Tristan’.

There are several other varieties of pink-flowered strawberries available to add to your own fruit garden this spring. Look for them at your local nursery when planting season begins, or try some of these websites for plants or seeds:

Have you ever grown pink-flowered strawberries? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

Pink-flowered strawberries would be a great part of an edible landscape. Learn about other edible ornamentals here.

  1. Judy Carraher says

    I’ve grown thede for two years. They’re pretty, but not as many nor as big of a strawberry as older white flowered varieties. But tasty. Hard to keep birds and chipmunks away!

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