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Container Garden Soil Toppers

Container Garden Soil Toppers

Add interest to your container garden while helping retain soil moisture when you add stones, shells, or other toppers.

Cantaloupe-shaped bowl molded from a real cantaloupe.  (Find out how you can get your own here.)

Q&A with Vegetabowls

Ever wanted to make the vegetable garden a more permanent fixture in your dining room?…

When Will Baltimore Orioles Arrive?

When Will Baltimore Orioles Arrive?

Learn where Baltimore Orioles have migrated to so far this spring and learn where to keep track of when they’ll be arriving near you.

Starting Seeds Indoors Thinning

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors can help you get a jump-start on spring! Learn what you need and get tips for successful seed starting here.


Pond Contest Winner

Thanks to our “Win a Pond” contest and our friends at Aquascape, Mother’s Day is…