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Seed Bottle DIY Valentines

Seed Bottle DIY Valentines

Give the gift of future flowers when you make these DIY Valentines with tiny bottles full of seeds.

DIY Lemon Salt 5

DIY Garden: Make Your Own Lemon Salt

Got lemons? Whether you grow lemons on trees or get yours at the store, lemon salt is an easy DIY garden project and tastes delicious on your favorite foods!

Barnegat Light, New Jersey is the best place I've ever been for photographing Harlequin Ducks!

Top Winter Birding Hotspots

There are plenty of great birds to see during the winter months, you just have to know what birding hotspots to hit!

Parsley with Alyssum and Ageratum

Parsley Accents in the Flower Garden

Consider adding parsley accents to your flower garden to enjoy the fresh scent and bright green foliage of this butterfly-attracting herb.