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Fire Resistant Plants

Fire Resistant Plants for Your Landscape

In wildfire-prone areas, a defensible space around your house is a must. You can still have attractive landscaping by choosing fire resistant plants.

Pesky Peccaries

Pesky Peccaries

Birds & Blooms Friday Fun Photo for November 4, 2011: Pesky Peccaries by Kay Campbell.…

Such a cute bird! Photo by Frank Blau; for more great bird photos, please visit his website at

The Cutest Songbird

The chickadee might be the first bird I ever learned by name—it’s that distinctive and,…

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Birding Basics

You don’t need a backpack full of expensive gadgets to get started in birding. My…

mtn ash

Strange Fruit

In this part of the world, where autumn grows cold and winter bears down hard,…