‘Oh, WOW’ bird: Vermilion Flycatcher

If you have a chance to see a Vermilion Flycatcher in the sunlight you will not soon forget it. This is truly an ‘oh, wow’ bird!  Their bright red plumage contrasts with their small black masks and upperparts.  Though usually found in southwestern U.S. they wander along the Gulf Coast of Texas during the winter. However, their range is primarily south of our border from Mexico way down to southern sections of South America

As their name implies they are insect eaters and they catch their food by flying out after it. They will sit quietly on a perch until they spot an insect they want on the luncheon menu, then they fly out to intercept it in the air. If it’s a sunny day they look like miniature fire-balls in flight.

These beautiful birds call is a ‘peent’ or ‘peet-peet’ sound. You can listen to it here on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.

Vermilion Flycatchers are often found in city parks. I found the bird in these photos in a small city park in a little town in Texas only a few miles from the border with Mexico.

When they perch atop an evergreen tree they look like a brightly colored Christmas ornament. In fact, there are Christmas tree ornaments that look like bright red birds and these ornaments were modeled after these Vermillion Flycatchers.

Are you lucky enough to live in an area where Vermilion Flycatchers are found?

If not, have you seen a Vermilion Flycatcher during your travels?

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