“Oh The Places You’ll Go”

One of my favorite books from Dr. Seuss is titled “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.  I like to think that reading this book as a child inspired my desire to travel.

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out our game closet and came upon a puzzle of the United States.  I pulled it out and started to put it together adding all the states that I had visited…

 As I sat and looked at my partially completed puzzle, I enjoyed the memories of the different trips that led me across the country.  A cross-country train ride and tour of the Northeast when I was 12 years old with my mother.  Camping trips California and in Utah and a college-hunting trip to Washington state made up my childhood travels.

Years later, I have enjoyed exploring different parts of the country.  We arrive in one city, rent a car and then drive from place to place.  Recent road trips have taken me from Georgia up to New York, Michigan through Missouri and Ohio to Vermont.

One of the things I love about traveling is to observe the different types of birds and plants of each region, that I may not see near my Arizona home…

A Northern Cardinal from Joplin, Missouri

A Robin in Springfield, Illinois

Hyacinths in Holland, Michigan


Beautyberry from Williamsburg, Virginia.

I must admit that since playing with the United States puzzle, I am anxious to start filling in the blank spaces with visits to states that I have not visited before.

This coming year, I will be visiting Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada.  Since I have never visited Wisconsin or Minnesota before, I will soon be able to fill in those blank spaces on my puzzle.

I can hardly wait to see what different birds and plants I will get the opportunity to see.

“Oh The Places You’ll Go”

What states have you enjoyed visiting?

What kinds of different birds and plants have you seen in your travels?

**For a list of state birds, check out this article.


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