Now About That Chicken…

This is the chicken that started it all.

In last month’s post of Girlfriend Needs a Chicken, I pleaded to readers to help get me 100 comments so that my daughter could convince dad (aka my husband) to get a chicken. Thank you!!! While not all comments were in favor of us getting a chicken, most of them were (and if they weren’t, I counted them anyway)! So I went to my husband to make our case. Surprisingly, he said we could maybe…possibly…perhaps think about it. So I started doing some research.

And that’s when our dreams of raising a chicken came crashing to a halt. After talking to several different people at city hall (they had no idea where to send me for such a question), they finally determined that backyard chickens were not allowed. (Insert joke of whether or not they allow front yard chickens.) Then they said if I had any further questions, I should talk to someone in the health department. I’m not sure I see the tie, but I’m not going to fight it.

Don’t you worry about my daughter, though. She has a grandma with a very soft heart who often accomplishes the impossible. So in June when Anna goes to her house in Oklahoma for a week-long visit, she will become the proud co-owner of a chicken. My mother has a chicken contact of some sort and has everything planned out perfectly. And my husband loves the compromise.

So thanks for all your chicken comments and chicken advice. I really appreciate it. To say thanks, I wanted to share a picture of the chicken that started this all. This is our friend’s chicken, Buffy. She’s hanging out with the late, great pony, Taffy. Both belong to our wonderful chicken-loving friend, Kathy.


  1. Patty says

    Gotta love Grandma! I have a friend who’s daughters adore their chickens. By the way…did you know they have a huge Facebook group for chicken owners? Yup…its true and you should hear them gush about their birds. Well…have a wonderful time and I expect we’ll be seeing more about them here…at least I hope so.

  2. Nadine says

    Our neighbor got a Genny (I am not sure if that is how it is spelled) and lets it run the neighborhood. It gets on top of roofs and we all love watching it. I have begged God for a hummingbird and I finally got one last year and if he comes back, that Ginny better leave him alone.

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