Mother’s Day Guide: Alternatives to Cut Flowers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we want to help you get ahead by figuring out Mom’s gift now. Just get her flowers, right? Well, that’s the quick and easy solution, but let’s think outside of the box for a minute. Cut flowers are a popular option, but Mother’s Day is prime gardening season! Instead of a gift that will die after a few days, we have some alternative options that will last a lot longer. We featured these tips in the May issue of Birds & Blooms Extra, and now we’re sharing them with you. Go ahead and take a look. We have a solution for just about any mom or budget.


$0: Look under the sofa cushions and deep down in the washing machine to scrape together enough change to buy a packet of seeds. Then make your own card at home. Mom will love it!

$10- $50: Buy a hanging basket. Better yet, take Mom to the garden store and let her pick one out on her own. The store should have something for every budget.

$50+: Find something that will brighten Mom’s garden for years, like a striking birdbath or a set of really artistic stepping-stones. You’ll never have trouble spending a little extra money at a garden store.


PLANTS: Chances are she already has lots of plants, so it may be hard to know what to get her. If that’s the case, buy online from a specialty plant company; think heirlooms, succulents or tropicals.

GADGETS: If Mom has a smartphone or an iPad or other tablet, buy a gift card and give her suggestions for cool gardening apps or e-books she can purchase. Or make her a gardening playlist full of her favorite tunes.

BOOKS: Spring offers a bumper crop of new gardening books. Visit a botanical garden or a gardening specialty store for some out-of-the-ordinary options for her.


A BROWN THUMB: Buy her plants, but stick with the basics. Get her a flat of easy-care annuals like geraniums or zinnias, then go out and help her plant them.

A GREEN THUMB: Be a little adventurous and buy her something fun at the garden store. You might peruse the shrub aisle and find a nice rosebush, or find out if the store carries any natives or heirlooms.

MORE TIPS THAN MOST GARDEN PROS: You be the present! Offer to help Mom in the garden for a few hours, and get ready to roll up your sleeves and take orders. Chances are, she knows what she wants, so it’s up to you to make it happen.

  1. walt says

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll use them to find an alternative to cut flowers for Mother’s Day!

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