Mini Colander DIY Bird Feeder

These colorful mini colanders are easy to turn into a DIY bird feeder for smaller backyard birds.

Jill Staake

While shopping at my local Big Lots a few weeks ago, I came across these small colorful mini colanders for $4 each in the kitchen section. I’ve never been much of a cook, so my first thought was, “These would make great bird feeders!” This DIY bird feeder project was easy and fast, and I was attracting Northern Cardinals within 30 minutes of hanging the new feeder outside.

DIY Bird Feeder

Jill Staake Total costs of the three-tier feeder: about $10

Mini Colander DIY Bird Feeder Supplies

  • 3 mini colanders, colors of your choice
  • Plastic lanyard laces, colors of your choice
  • 44 plastic beads, colors of your choice
  • Scissors


  • Cut four lengths of plastic lace, in color(s) of your choice, about 36 inches. Knot laces at top end and pull firmly. Make another knot about 2 inches from the first for a hanging loop.
  • Thread one bead onto each lace and seat it close to the second knot. Tie a knot beneath each bead to hold it in place.

Mini colander DIY Bird Feeder

  • Add a second bead about 6 inches down each lace, and knot beneath to hold it in place.
  • At this point, it becomes easier to work if you can hang your laces from a hook in front of you. Attach the first (top) colander by wrapping each lace around one side of the handle twice. Tie the knots loosely at first so you can level out the colander, then knot firmly around the outside edge of the handle.
  • Add a bead to each lace and seat it directly beneath the knot on the handle. Tie a knot beneath to hold it in place.

DIY Bird Feeder

  • Repeat with remaining colanders.
  • Tie remaining laces beneath the last colander as shown. Add four beads to each lace and knot beneath. Trim excess laces.

Mini Colander DIY Bird Feeder

TIP: If you don’t want to build a tiered feeder, create single mini-colander feeders instead.

Mini Colander DIY Bird Feeder

Jill Staake Single or tiered – it’s up to you!

This project is easy to personalize with colors and bead choices. The holes in the colanders allow rainwater to drain from seed, keeping it fresh, and whole feeder can be washed in warm water (hot water may cause laces to melt, so be careful). Fill with sunflower, safflower, or a seed mix. These would also be ideal for mealworms.

Mini Colander DIY Bird Feeder

Northern Cardinals visited my DIY bird feeder almost immediately!

Have you made a new DIY bird feeder lately? Drop by the “Look What I Made” forum on our Community to share!

  1. Sharon Sell says

    This is a great idea & one way to put kn specialized bird food for different types of birds.
    For the beads, I go to Goodwill (& rummage sales) & buy old beaded jewelry!! It’s cheap & you can find some really unique beads for any of your projects!!
    Thx for the pattern for this really fun bird feeder!!
    Keep watching & keep smiling!!

  2. Mrs. A Stafford says

    This is a great idea!!! I have tons of beads left from my “beading everything” period!!!! Lol I have a Multi-colored colander that would be perfect for this!!! My daughter and I will try this great idea this evening!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. prairiegal says

    Great idea. Affordable and I like the fact that water can drain through the holes. Would be great for sunflower seeds. I will have to try this.

  4. Paula P. says

    How do you keep the squirrels out? I haven’t been able to keep them away from any of my feeders!


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