Migrating fall warblers


Warblers are migrating through many areas of the United States and southern areas of Canada right now. The following is from the Stokes Birds At Home website:

  • “With a few exceptions, the warblers that summer in the United States and Canada migrate south to Central and South America. They must do so because they are so dependent on insects, which are not available during northern winters.”


Some warbler species become very dull in the fall while the Townsend’s Warbler shown my photos above stays quite bright and cheery. While most Townsend’s Warblers winter in Mexico and Central America, some of them actually winter along a narrow section of the Pacific Coast and in the Puget Trough of Washington.

The Yellow-rumped Warbler can be seen at one time or another during their life cycle in almost any part of the continental United States including much of Alaska and most of Canada. Yes, they do have yellow rumps though not seen in the photo above. While many winter in Mexico and Central America, some Yellow-rumps also winter in the United States including large sections of Eastern states.

WilWarbler-a1-CC,COWilson’s Warblers are also a widespread species that, with the exception of Florida, can be seen at some point in it’s life cycle around the continental U.S. including almost all of Alaska as well as almost all of Canada. Most of these bright yellow warblers with the distinctive black caps winter in Mexico and Central America though some remain along the very southern sections of Texas and Louisiana. The Boreal Songbird Initiative’s website provides the following information about this species:

  • It has become something of a flagship species for the conservation of neotropical migrants and is considered a priority in several conservation plans because of widespread population declines and threats to its habitat.”


You can see more species of migrating warbler on another article I did here titled “More pretty migrating fall warblers.”

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    Thank you Birds & Blooms for featuring these amazing birds. There is a saying “Birds of a feather flocks together” and they do because that’s how God made them. My mom would love these birds if she is still alive. Yellow was her favorite color.

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