May Garden Tasks

I’m anxious to get out in my yard. I can hardly concentrate on work. I want to wander through my gardens and see what’s coming up. This time of year it’s different each day. And if it’s been sunny, things grow by leaps and bounds.

My deck beckons me to lounge with a glass of iced-tea with my camera ready to see what birds are flitting around.

Here are some things I’ll be doing around my yard this weekend with the 60 degree temps predicted. What things are on your outdoor “to do” list for the weekend?

garden image | paula bonelli | birdsandbloomsblog.comGARDEN/YARD:

  • Rake grass and sprinkle thin lawn areas with grass seed
  • Mow (you can leave light grass clippings on your lawn)
  • Since my overnight temps are in the upper 40’s, I’ll consider planting some annuals in my flower boxes, containers and hanging baskets.
  • My threat of frost has disappeared (I think!), so I’ll get some early vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and herbs into the ground. I’ll also see about putting annuals and perennials directly into the dirt.


  • I’ll refill my feeders  – again! This is becoming a daily ritual; my nesting birds are going through seed like crazy. They are especially loving my homemade, high-energy suet.
  • I’ll have my camera at-the-ready to capture any bird antics or new bird sightings.
  • I’ll scope out nests and watch for any fledglings that may have fallen out.
    If you find a fledgling and must intervene, wear gloves, don’t feed them and return them to their nests.

baby robin | paula bonelli |

  • I’ll refresh my bird bath with water. I keep a shallow dish of water out for birds, replacing the water fully every couple of days.
    Clean your bird bath every 2-4 days depending on air temperatures and the amount of debris to prevent an unsafe environment.

Above all, I will simply be enjoying the tranquility of my backyard!

  1. says

    This is one of my favourite months of the year, and like you, I’m anxious to be outdoors. Last year, our month of April was gorgeous from beginning to end, so we had an extra month of gardening. This year it was the opposite, so the garden is way behind. Every extra week is precious here since the gardening season in Canada is so short. I hope for beautiful days from here on in, so we can get some outdoor colour.

    • Paula says

      I hear you! Our April has been exactly the same, but things are slowly emerging and the birds are returning in droves! Enjoy :-)

  2. Lizabeth (Bette) Bunte says

    I live in ILLinois…loving the birds who are scrambling for nesting supplies, already looking for the filled bird baths…now for my plants to cooperate ….Enjoy your SPRING!

    • Paula says

      Thx Bette – the birds have just been crazy haven’t they? I think they are making up for lost time!

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