Listening to the Birds in Your Backyard

What birds are you listening to this time of year?

During the Spring, I’m often drawn to the window or to step outside to see if I can pinpoint a bird call. During the Spring, it’s a call I either haven’t heard before or one I haven’t heard in awhile.

If you spend time listening in your backyard, you become familiar with the sounds and calls of your backyard birds. The great thing about that is you know immediately whether a new bird is in the area because the singing will be different than what you’re used to.

I noticed that my ears prick up to bird calls while we’re away from home also, like when we’re camping or visiting a new area. Birds and Blooms has a really useful area of their Web site where you can see the 50 most wanted backyard birds, learn more about their habitat AND listen to their calls / singing. So if you hear one you don’t recognize, head on over to this page and click the bird image of your choice to see if you can identify it. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference!

The oriole is a bird I listen for each Spring. I’m hoping to hear my first one soon! baltimore oriole |
Do you have any new birds in your yard this Spring?

Photo: Roland Jordahl

    • Paula says

      Hi Wanda –

      We don’t get the Grosbeak’s to come into our yard, although I’ve seen them in the area. So glad you get to see this beautiful bird! I may have to listen to their call again to be sure I’m not missing one nearby. What food do they like best at your feeders?

  1. Lori says

    I am in West Michigan and the Orioles have been here for about a week. I first seen them eating my homemade suet. I quickly put the grape jelly out for them. My parents are about an hour SE of here, and their Orioles like oranges better than the jelly. Ahhh, Spring finally! :)

    • Paula says

      Hi Lori –
      You said it! And we were SO ready, no? My orioles are crazy this year. Just this AM I looked out to my jelly and orange feeder and there must have been 6 of them clammering for food. Wasn’t quick enough with the camera! They are beautiful.

  2. Shirley says

    Any idea where I can buy a devise to listen to my backyard birds without leaving my house? I used to have something like this many years ago, but can’t seem to find one online. Thanks!

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