Let’s Go Birding…In Cape May!


Birds & Blooms editor, Stacy, can attest to this: Since the day I found out the Cape May Autumn Birding Festival existed, I’ve wanted to go. And this year, I’ll be there! Ask me about my upcoming trip, and I probably won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face as I tell you about it!

If you’ve never been to a bird festival before, you probably think you need to be a hard core, experienced birder. WRONG! It’s the opposite, really. Cape May Autumn Birding Festival is geared towards birders of all kinds. The guided field trips take place at some of Cape May’s hottest birding locations and are friendly and easy-paced.

Unique to Cape May are the “birding by boat” trips, which travel through Cape Island Creek Preserve. Bird checklists at previous year’s festivals have topped 200 species. Hawks by the thousands visit Cape May Point State Park and millions of seabirds are counted annually in the area.

I really am a “the more the merrier” kind of birder. Here are some details of the festival, so you can make the trip, too! If you see me strolling around Cape May, please say hello!

WHAT: 67th annual Cape May Autumn Birding Festival. You can find registration information here.

WHEN: Oct. 25-27

WHERE: Cape May, New Jersey. Field trips are throughout the area, but vendors and other exhibits are housed at the Cape May Convention Hall.

WHY: The East Coast is notoriously gorgeous in the fall. With fall birds, hawks and seabirds, the area is a birder’s paradise!

Cape May


  1. Jane says

    I’d love to go. I live near Annapolis. I want to hit Cape May in the next couple of weeks as well, to see if I can catch some glimpses of the monarch migration. Hope to see you last week of Oct.

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