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In the December/January issue of Birds & Blooms, we have the article “Be a Bird Scientist” by writer Ken Keffer. It’s a great look at how banding and other research methods are helping scientists learn about birds. He also explains how new GPS tracking devices are being used. Look for the issue arriving in your mailbox soon, or pick it up at a newsstand near you.

In addition, Ken is a bird bander himself. He recently gave Birds & Blooms a sneak peek at how he bands birds at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Ohio where he works. Take a look…



  1. Michele says

    How do I attract the lovebirds to my yard? I live in Mesa, Arizona and they are wild here. they are green with peach cheeks and so cute! They live in the very tall palm trees here and i would like to take pictures of them as i love bird watching.

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