Learn How to Attract Birds with Our New Website

Our new website has all the information you need on how to attract birds and create a fabulous backyard garden.


You may notice that our blog looks a little different (*high five* if you noticed!). We just launched a brand new website and gave our blog a little facelift, too! Besides updating the look and feel of the site, we thought a lot about how you, our readers, use our site and how we could make sure you can find the content you’re looking for.

Here are some of highlights of the new birdsandblooms.com:

  • Easy-to-find content. Want to read about how to attract birds? No problem. Navigate to the BIRDING tab and click on Attracting Birds. Or if growing food is your fancy, navigate to the GARDENING tab and click on Fruit and Vegetable Gardening.
Attracting Birds page on the Birds & Blooms website.

Here’s our Attracting Birds page.

  • Large and beautiful photos. We put a lot of effort into finding the most gorgeous photos we could. Our Top 10 plant pick articles now have big photos, so you can see the plants you’re reading about. Check out this Top 10 Colorful Groundcovers list or this list of 10 Classic Yellow Flowers. The photos and info in our gardening section with help make your backyard garden the best its ever been!
Here's an example of the gorgeous large photos on our Top 10 articles.

Here’s an example of the gorgeous large photos on our Top 10 articles.


  • New Community forum area. Did you know that birders and gardeners like you are actively chatting on our community forums? All you have to do is register on our site and you can start chatting with them. For example, right now, it’s almost time to start seeds indoors, so you can share tips, ask questions and find out what others are starting from seed this year by visiting our All About Seeds forum. There are about 20 different forums to choose from if seeds aren’t your thing.
Join the Birds & Blooms community and start chatting today.

Join the Birds & Blooms community and start chatting today.

I hope you’ll take some time and click around a little bit. What do you think of the new site? What’s your favorite part?

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