Large, Flowering Shrubs Attract Many Kinds of Birds

In my side garden, I have a large flowering shrub called ‘Pink Beauty’ (Eremophila laanii).

I love this shrub for many reasons.

Reason #1: I would have to stare at a bare expanse of wall, outside my kitchen window, if this shrub did not cover it up so well.

Reason #2: I love its beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers all year (even in winter) and the fact that it is evergreen in my zone 9a garden.

However, I am not the only one who enjoys this large shrub…

A pair of finches seek shelter in its branches.

And the female snacks on some of the tiny insects attracted to the flowers.

My resident Anna’s hummingbirds seek out the pink flowers for nectar.

And a pair of Abert’s Towhees build a nest in the interior.

It is easy to underestimate the many ways that large, flowering shrubs benefit the birds that visit your garden.  They provide shelter, a place to raise their young and a source of nesting material.  In addition the flowers provide nectar and attract small insects – an important part of many bird’s diets.

Unfortunately, flowering shrubs are often over-pruned, which not only remove attractive flowers, but also gets rid of both shelter and a food source for birds.

It is easy to add a new flowering shrub to your garden or maybe stop over-pruning one you already have.  If you are a fan of the way shrubs look when ‘formally’ pruned, then set aside an area (out of sight, if you like) in your garden where you can allow a large shrub to grow into its natural shape.

The birds that visit your garden will appreciate it.

For ideas of different types of flowering shrubs to plant in your garden, check out the article, “Top 10 Flowering Shrubs”.

Learn more about other types of flowering plants that attract birds to the garden, “Plants for Birds”.

How about you?

What type of shrubs in your garden are birds attracted to?

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