Juncos Still Hanging Around

When the juncos hang around, it can only mean one thing. Winter isn’t over yet!

I’ve been tracking their migration in my calendar since late March to see when they leave in spring. Today they were at my feeders in great numbers. My guess is that they are gathering and eating food to withstand our latest round of snow. Yes, I said snow.

It’s late April and the weather experts are predicting that we will receive from 3-9 inches of the wet, slushy stuff overnight. The amount greatly depends on the path the storm takes.

Although they are beautiful, I anxiously await their departure!


  1. Martha says

    This doesn’t really help me. I need to know where. The Midwest includes a lot of territory that has a wide range of zones.

  2. Mar says

    I think Paula must be in MN, ND or SD. I live in northern MN and we are hopefully getting our last snow of the season. This has been the longest winter I can remember. I have lots of Juncos too.

  3. Janet says

    I live in NE Ohio and still have juncos hanging around. However I have had 2 humming birds at my feeder already and the yellow finches are bright yellow again. Confusing time in my yard.

  4. Deb says

    I still had juncos here in western Nebraska last week. Haven’t seen any this week (last week of April). Today is the first day we have had a full day of sunshine in probably two or two & 1/2 weeks. Haven’t even gotten the potatoes in, it’s been too cold, wet, more cold, more wet, to do anything in the garden. Hard to calm down the itch to get outside.

    • Paula says

      I know how you feel, Deb! I still saw our juncos as late as this past Monday. Tell me more about potatoes; something I’ve always wanted to grow. I have a small yard and very little vegetable garden space. Is there a way to grow them above ground under a layer of mulch or hay?

      • Barb McGovern says

        My juncos are finally leaving. Others birds are returning. If the wind would stop here we could get out more.
        Yes, you can grow potatoes in a large planter or even in an old large rubber tire. I’m sure some Internet research will show you how. Many of my gardening books show you how. It is really worth it! They are delicious when harvested & cooked immediately. Even my granddaughter who doesn’t like potatoes, likes these. Mine are already coming up.

        Barb CO

        • Paula says

          Hi Barb – My juncos are gone, but just in the last couple of days. I can relate about the wind; we’ve had our fair share this Spring too and it’s cold wind!
          Thanks for the info about growing potatoes. I know I can do research online :-), but I really like to hear what my fellow gardeners are doing or trying. They have the best info! And thanks for reminding me that I can always check my gardening books. Wow – so used to using the Internet these days, that I forget I have the old-fashioned resources at my fingertips. LOL Can’t wait to dig into potato growing.
          Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts!

  5. judym says

    I live in southern MI and a junco visited one of my feeders for Easter Dinner. It was joined by a number of bright yellow finches. That’s just about the only bright yellow we have seen here in cloudy, windy MI as yet.

    • Paula says

      Ah – the overlap of the seasons! In MN our finches don’t stay the winter, so we welcome them back in the Spring. It is a joy to see their bright beauty on a gray day. What a nice Easter visit. :-)

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