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Jill Staake

CommunityThe Birds & Blooms website is full of resources for birders and gardeners in addition to our daily blog posts. We have dozens of bird species profiles, articles about birding and gardening, and project ideas for every skill and taste. The site also hosts the Birds & Blooms Community, a place for readers and fans to chat about a variety of topics and share their experiences and photos. It’s free to join, so check out some of the topics our members have been chatting about recently, and then create an account to join in the fun!

  • Rabbit-Resistant Plants: One member could’t find a good comprehensive list of plants that rabbits won’t attack, so she started her own and invited others to add to it. See the list and add your own suggestions here.
  • Wildflower Identification:  Community member Stella recently posted photos of the wildflowers in her local woods, and asked for other members to help her ID them. See her photos and help her out here.
  • Mystery Monday: Test your skills by checking out our Mystery Monday posts, where each week the members try to identify the plant or other wildlife posted. Answers are provided by the end of the day. See all the Mystery Monday posts here.
  • Peach Farm Trip: One member’s photos of her trip to a peach farm to stock up for winter led others to share their own experiences with peaches and other summer garden harvests. See the discussion here.
  • “Volunteer Flowers”: Sometimes the best flowers are the ones you’re pretty sure you never even planted in your garden! Our members chatted about some of the “volunteer” flowers that appeared in their gardens this year here.
  • Hydrangea Colors: Community member Gayle knew she could change the colors of her hydrangea flowers to pink or blue depending on how she fertilized, but couldn’t remember just how to do it. Other members offered tips and tricks here.
  • Milkweed and Monarchs: The decline of monarchs is well-known to many, so our Community members have been trading information about where they’ve been spotted this year here.
  • Ask an Expert About Butterflies: Got a question about butterflies or butterfly gardening? I’m happy to answer! Drop by this forum to see what others have been asking, and ask a question of your own.

Planning to join our Community? Read our Community Guidelines and check out Frequently Asked Questions here. Then click “Join Us” in the top right corner of your screen to create an account, and head over to the Community Forums to start chatting. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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