It’s a New Year and Time To Order Seed Catalogs

Seed Catalog

After the New Year’s celebrations, you may find yourself putting away your holiday decorations and having your daily routine begin to return to normal.  It is when the busyness of the holiday season is over that gardeners begin to plan what they will plant this year.

winter Christmas garden

Right now, my winter garden is filled with cool-season vegetables and my tomato cages have been turned upside down to make mini-Christmas trees, but I like to think about what I will plant once warmer temperatures arrive.

Now, the ground may be frozen where you live and your garden covered in snow, but it is never too early to peruse the colorful garden catalogs and plan what you will grow once the weather begins to thaw.

Botanical Interests catalog

Yesterday, my kids brought in the mail and I was thrilled to see my first garden catalog of the year.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and sat down to see what new flowers, herbs and vegetables that they had to offer.

spring vegetable garden

I closed my eyes and visualized my gardens filled with a mixture of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Botanical Interests catalog

It is always fun to see how many varieties there are of flowers and vegetables.

It may seem early to be thinking of planting seeds, but it is important to order them early because popular varieties sell out quickly.  I also find that looking through seed catalogs brightens my day and reminds me that warmer weather will eventually come my way.

Although I do plant many of the same types of plants each year, I do like to try out some new flowers and vegetables.  This year, I am growing artichokes and Swiss chard.  This summer, I plan to grow some heirloom pumpkins.

So, would you like to see your mailbox filled with seed catalogs?

Here are links for free seed catalogs from a sampling of seed companies:

Botanical Interests



Johnny Seeds

Park Seed

I can hardly wait to open my mailbox and see some more seed catalogs to look through!

How about you?  Do you have any plans for your garden?

What seeds will you plant?

For some helpful guidelines for planning your garden this year, check out Birds & Blooms article, “Garden Planning”.


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