In Love with Coneflowers

Pink Double Delight purple coneflower

Green Jewel purple coneflower

I have a serious weakness for any daisy-like flower. Shasta daisies, sunflowers and rudbeckia are all wonderful in my book, but my all time favorite is coneflowers. This year while working our on our Top 10 Green Blooms feature, I vowed to try at least three new coneflower varieties in my garden. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.)


So I need your help! First off, what hot new coneflower varieties should I try in my yard? I think Green Jewel and Pink Double Delight are both on my list (thanks for the photos Perennial Resource). But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Coneflower varieties seem to be multiplying faster than pillow pets, so feel free to offer up your favorites.


Second of all, do you have any great online plant places that you like to buy coneflowers from? I’m going to check out my local nurseries, but I could use a good online backup.
  1. Curt Brown says

    I’ve bought a few different coneflowers from Burpee and they all did quite well. After 2 years they were thriving!

  2. Joanie M says

    I usually order all of my plants from two places. Wayside Gardens and White Flower Farms. Beautiful and some times cutting edge selections.

  3. Beverley H says

    Green coneflowers?? I have had green blooms in the past and found out that my plants were suffering from a disease. Now green is in!!!

  4. says

    I have several cone flowers in my garden and I like the Coconut Lime and The Harvest Moon the best. The coconut lime type has white petals with a green center and the Harvest Moon is like a mustard yellow petals with a dark center. A new one in my area last spring was called milkshake which is also quite pretty.

  5. says

    I’m also in love with coneflowers; I have an entire flower bed dedicated to them. Green Jewel is at the top of my list. I also want to add Firebird, Tangerine Dream and Hot Papaya (not sure if they’re new, but they are gorgeous!)

  6. Betty says

    Oh, I love the pink double delight. Didn’t know about this one. I have several purple cone flowers and just love them. I’d like to find the pink one you are showing for my own garden.

  7. bernadette says

    Personally I love anything wierd in my garden. I love the double flower types or the kind that look like they exploded. I am however only prone to buying anything purple & pink, yellow comes next then maybe white, not to much for any other colors. DON”T DO ANYTHING RED!!!!! AS far as nurseries, springhill is great, a great website you may want to try is the Garden-share– they may know lots of places to buy from, seems they are very knowledgable people from all over the world…..

  8. says

    Last year I planted the Sky series and was really pleased with them! Also Tomato Soup and Mac N Cheese–although I had to get a replacement twice for the Mac N Cheese and never could get it to grow. I have a hard time NOT buying every new coneflower that comes out! I truly am addicted. The same goes for monarda! I’ve ordered from many different companies (High Country Gardens is a favorite because they’re so close to me: NM to CO).

  9. says

    Hi Stacy, Thanks for your wonderful article on cone flowers. I just planted a yellow and a common purple. I will look for the double pink and orange. Tagawa Gardens in Aurora Colorado is a great resource for had to get plants..Thanks…Peter Pereira

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