Hummingbird Hide and Seek

Last year, dusk was falling and I was outdoors doing a bit of gardening trying to finish before it got too dark.  As I was working, I heard the characteristic sounds of a hummingbird very close by.  He was actually very close, so I ran indoors for my camera.

When I returned, I had a hard time figuring out where he was.  I knew he was there….I could hear him.  I knew he was in my neighbor’s Eucalyptus tree.

Can you see him?


Hummingbird in tree

He blended in so well with the Eucalyptus leaves.  I think he was hoping that I wouldn’t notice where was hiding.

But then he decided to come out and let me take a picture of him…


Anna’s hummingbirds are frequent visitors to my garden and are year round residents.

Have you ever had a hummingbird play ‘Hide and Seek’ with you?

  1. Barbara Page says

    The hummers that come to our house every summer like to hide in my large lilac tree.We will have as many as six at a time. They love to chase one another in and out of the tree and demand all the other hummers not drink from the feeder.They want it all for themselves!

    • Noelle says

      Hello Barbara,

      How wonderful to have so many hummers in one place. I can only imagine how crazy it can get with so many territorial birds in one place :-)

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