How to Preserve Fresh Herbs by Freezing

Do you love the taste of fresh herbs? I do.  Especially when they come straight from my garden.  What I don’t like is when summer is over and I don’t have easy access to fresh herbs. Well, what if I told you that you can enjoy your freshly grown herbs throughout the entire year?  It’s easy. Just follow these steps to learn how to preserve fresh herbs by freezing them into ice cubes.

Cut your favorite herbs – I cut some chives that I have growing in a container.

Wash your herbs and then chop them to the size you prefer.

Take your chopped herbs and fill up an empty ice cube tray.

Don’t fill them up all the way with your herbs- leave a little room at the top for the water.

Fill with water, leaving a little room for the ice to expand.

Freeze for a few hours and pop each herb cube out and store in a freezer bag.

When you are cooking your favorite dish this winter, simply take out a cube of frozen herbs and add it to your favorite sauce! What would be your favorite herb that you would like to freeze so that you could use it in winter?

In addition to freezing fresh herbs, you can also dry your herbs and store them in small glass containers.  Learn to preserve fresh herbs by drying them here.

  1. Carol says

    I do spearmint leaves in ice cubes and it is GREAT for putting a cube in peas, carrots, tea, gingerale or any drink especially in the winter.


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