Hello from California!

This weekend, I’m at the California Spring Trials as a guest of Proven Winners. In a nutshell, the spring trials is the place plant companies go to debut new plants. It’s an industry event (not open to the public), so I felt it was my duty to share with you some of the exciting new varieties coming down the line from Proven Winners. (I love my job!) Here are my 5 favorites:

Little Annie purple coneflower. From the Proven Winners partner, Walters Gardens. It's adorable! It only grows about 10-12 inches high, so it's nice for containers.

Tequila Sunrise Superbells. This is my all-time favorite because you get a mix of red, yellow, orange and striped blooms all on one plant.

Banana Cream shasta daisy. I'll admit I'm a sucker for daisies, but this one really impresses. The blooms are 4 to 5 inches and start out as a lemon yellow and then fade to a butter yellow and then a cream.

Show Off Starlet forsythia. This is from Proven Winners partner, Spring Meadow Nursery. It grows only 2-3 feet tall and has amazing blooms. It won't be available until next year, but I'm already trying to decide where to plant mine.

Royale Peachy Keen verbena. This is from the Proven Winners Superbena line. It's unique because of the peachy color.

With new varieties, it’s sometimes hard to find where to buy them. Proven Winners tells me that the consumers hold the power. If you see something you like either here, in the magazine or somewhere else, let the head of your garden center know. New varieties come out every year, often offering gardeners great benefits (disease-resistant, drought-tolerant, new colors, easier to grow). So get out there and let your voice be heard. Hopefully you’ll see these and many more great varieties at your favorite garden center in the future! I’ll post more about the California Spring Trials later in the week!

  1. Marlys Swetman says

    Those are very special looking plants, too bad I can`t try them this year as I`m having my shoulder replaced. I hope I can get to enjoy them in someone`s garden, it would be crying shame not to have them “strutting their stuff” in various places in Minneapolis. I`ll be looking for them next year. Thank you for the preview.

  2. KimberlyD says

    I like all four flowers you show, but agree with you about the Tequila Sunrise Superbells, just love the way they look!

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