Hang a Homemade Oriole Feeder

Jill Staake


Working for the Weekend:
Hang a Homemade Oriole Feeder

We’ve been talking a lot about orioles this past week or so on the Southeast page, so it only makes sense that this weekend’s project suggestion involves these charmers. There are plenty of oriole feeders available for purchase, but you can save a few dollars and construct a simple feeder of your own, saving your money for oranges and grape jelly instead!

Below are four project ideas – click the image for each one to learn how to make these feeders to place in your own yard.

This orange feeder from BirdsandBlooms.com is simple enough to make in an hour.

This simple orange feeder includes a perch – important because orioles don’t hover like hummingbirds.

This feeder includes both oranges and grape jelly, along with a baffle to keep squirrels at bay.

There are many more great ideas for homemade oriole feeders. How do you bring orioles to your yard? Drop a line in the comments and give us your oriole feeder suggestions!

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  1. says

    I love this post, the pictures and that awesome birdbath. We are just planting our native desert garden out of Tucson.

    I am thinking about jelly and bees…. Your post make me think if it because my darn hummingbird feeders seem to be calling all the bees to come by.

    Any ideas? Cheers!

  2. Betty says

    I find feeders with a roof over the seed area, hand made feeders. I’ve bought kitty food dishes, place the grape jelly in the dishes, place the dishes on the seed platform. The roof keeps the rain out and allows for more security for the orioles. I also place the orange halves in the same type of feeder. These feeders can be found in areas where craftsmen make other hand made items for the birds.

  3. says

    It’s spring in northern Minnesoata and the trees are just starting to bloom yet there he was. The Baltimore Oriole sitting in a tree. I put my feeder out and didn’t see him for a few days. It really makes spring!

  4. says

    As I was sending you my note on the Baltimore Oriole in Minnesota when a humming bird flew right into the screen on my window and his beak was stuck. I jumped up to push his beak out but I heard him buzz and he was gone. I just love my birds! I use to live in the city and it was very loud from traffic. I never had birds but now am in the country and counted 14 different ducks, geese and birds in one day.

  5. John Carran says

    After trying to attract Baltimore Orioles for a few years, we have had a really nice population for about 3 years (Quad Cities, Illinois). We have noticed a couple of interesting facts that may or may not help other Oriole fans. 1. We have a feeder that accepts oranges and grape jelly. Our orioles have absolutely no interest in the oranges, but stand in line for the grape jelly. 2. Oddly enough, there is a small male and small female, which we interpret as being last years brood, that use the hummingbird feeder exclusively to sip sugar water, and totally ignore the jelly and orange feeder.

  6. Carolyn says

    I live in Michigan,in the woods with open spaces,I have had the Bullock’s Oriole coming in for about a week,put out orange half’s for them,it’s 8:15 pm now and some or still eating. I have pictures of then but don’t see no way to post.They are truly beautiful!

  7. Lenora says

    We made the orange feeder with the roof last year and they love it. I sometimes put strawberries or watermelon on the top nails for variety. We also put out our hummingbird sugar water and oriole sugar water right in front of our windows and enjoy spotting both kinds whenever we are in the house. Our 3 yr. old granddaughter is learning to ” name ” the birds now because she sees them so frequently!!!

  8. b. miller says

    I mistakenly bought grape jam instead of grape jelly. I haven’t fed it yet—will the orioles eat it?

    • T. Knight says

      I did the same thing and when I put it out they didn’t skip a beat. Mine don’t touch the oranges we put out either!!

  9. says

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  10. John says

    We have two Perky-Pet Oriole feeders hanging outside our home.
    Their original design didn’t work well so several modifications were made.
    By drilling a small hole on the three open surfaces of the base you can install their five leaf yellow flower feeders. This gives hummingbirds six feeding stations instead of the original three.
    The orange bee guards break off frequently so instead of constantly replacing them we made new ones of aluminum and they have not failed once since installation.
    The one feeder that faces the setting sun was leaking large amounts of sugar water when air above the fluid expanded by heat from the sun. A “peel-and-stick” mirror type sheeting was applied to the half facing the sun and the dripping all but stopped.
    We offered these ideas to Perky-Pet but they said they weren’t interested! :-(
    Hope some of these ideas will help others using this type of feeder?
    We thoroughly enjoy watching the Orioles all summer long and the hummingbirds year round.

  11. darlene says

    I saw my very first oriole a couple of weeks ago sitting on top of my hummimgbird feeder. I went out the next day an bought an oriole feeder and put it out for him, but haven’t seen him since. Do you think he or any other orioles will be back, or have I missed my chances of seeing any more?


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