Guess My Bird Total in Rio Grande Valley

Green Jay

Green jay photo by Rop Ripma.

Hi everyone! I’m feeling very excited and lucky to be headed down to the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. I’ve never been this far south in Texas, and I know there are lots of birds there that I’ve never seen before.

To make things a little more fun, I thought I would do a little contest. Guess how many TOTAL bird species I’ll see during my trip, and I will send you a fun prize from my office. It could be books, it could be a bird feeder…it’s going to be a surprise!

Now I’ll be in Rio Grande Valley from today (Friday, November 8) through Monday morning (November 11). The person closest to guessing my total number of bird species will be the winner. If there’s a tie, I will send multiple prizes! Just post a comment here with your guess for the chance to win. Guesses must be placed by tomorrow morning (Saturday, November 9) at 10 am.

By the way, don’t forget to check out our new blogger’s post on feeder birds in the valley. Rob has been there all this week. Check out his post and photos here. 

  1. BerthaAngela says

    I hope you enjoy your trip Miss Stacy! It is my dream to do some birding during one summer of my life. I was thinking you might be seeing 65 bird species?! That is my answer for the question! Eeeep! I hope to win the prize! :D

  2. Pam Steger says

    This just sounds like such a fun trip. I love birds…they really lighten your spirits. I’m not sure if this is where I should post my number but I’m going to guess 83. Good luck!

  3. Whitney Briggs says

    Hi Stacy,
    I hope you have a great time at the festival, I’ve never been there. My guess of the number of species you will see is 43. :)

  4. Jill Graves says

    Total number of birds species sited–55. We have several just at our feeder: Green Jay, Thrashers, sparrows, mourning dove, white-wing doves, titmouse, chachalaca, and kiskadees at the bird bath, green parrots at the hackberry trees. Enjoy the valley. Jill Graves, Brownsville, TX

  5. cheryl mendenhall says

    Stacy – I think you’re going to be very lucky and see 56 species of birds (and I’m going to be sooooo jealous)!! Hope you have a wonderful adventure.

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