Growing Lettuce in a Grocery Bag

I love growing leaf lettuce in my vegetable garden.

So, when I saw someone growing lettuce in a recyclable grocery bag – I knew that I just had to try it  in my own garden.

I already had the grocery bag, so all I had to do was buy planting mix and leaf lettuce transplants…

Next, I made some small holes, using scissors, on the bottom of the bag for drainage.

I filled my recyclable grocery bag with planting mix.  It  is hard to move the grocery bag after you have filled it with soil, so be sure to place it where you want your lettuce to grow.

Because I love leaf lettuce, I planted both green and purple varieties for a great color contrast.  Of course, you can plant your lettuce from seed if you like.

Lastly, I sprinkled slow-release fertilizer around my new lettuce because all vegetables need fertile soil.

Now, I all had to do was water.  I attached my grocery bag of leaf lettuce to my drip irrigation system.

It has been a few weeks since I planted my lettuce and it is doing just great.  I must admit that I will be growing lettuce more often this way.


I like trying out new ideas in the garden, like growing leaf lettuce in a recyclable grocery bag.

Recently, I tried out another neat idea that I read about…

Re-growing leaf lettuce.

**Come back for a visit next Tuesday to see how this experiment turned out :-)

  1. Darlene Castleberg says

    I think these are great ideas that most of us can do.. I can do this to save money because I make a lot of salads.
    Lettuce is high in the stores and I live 22 miles from a store that has fresh lettuce.
    so I appreciate this idea to try..
    thank you , Darlene

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