Grow a “Mother” Flower Garden

Use the Victorian Language of Flowers to create a flower garden honoring a mother in your life this year.

Jill Staake

In the 1800s, people didn’t just send flowers. Many bouquets were carefully assembled to send a coded message, using something known as the Language of Flowers. Each flower and plant was assigned a meaning, and bouquets became complicated messages that a recipient would decipher using a book like Kate Greenaway’s Language of Flowers. This practice has widely fallen out of fashion today, but Mother’s Day seems like a great time to bring it back.

Language of Flowers

While it would be fun enough to create a bouquet for a mom in your life using this language, an even more unique gesture would be to help her plant a new flower garden using flowers to represent her personality. Then, add personalized signs or stepping stones with the words the flowers represent for additional decoration and to remind your mom how wonderful you think she is!

Here are some good options for a “Mom” flower garden:

  • Alstromeria – Aspiring
  • Camellia – Graciousness
  • Coreopsis – Always Cheerful
  • Pink Carnation – Gratitude, A Mother’s Love
  • Gladiolus – Strength of Character
  • Calla Lily – Regal
  • Sunflower – Adoration
  • Passionflower – Faith
  • Pink Tulip – Caring
  • Dahlia – Elegance and dignity
  • Pink Rose – Grace
  • Yellow Rose – Happiness
  • Jasmine – You are cheerful or graceful
  • Cattleya Orchid – Mature Charms, Refined Beauty
  • Lily – Beauty, Elegance
Flower Garden

Jill Staake Some flowers for a Mom Flower Garden: Yellow Rose, Happiness; Lily, Beauty; Dahlia, Dignity; Passionflower, Faith; Coreopsis, Always Cheeerful; Jasmine, Graceful

There are hundreds of other options in the Language of Flowers – visit this website for more ideas. What flowers and plants best represent the mothers in your life? Tell us in the comments below.

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