Gardening With Kids

Do you garden with your kids?  I love to have my kids with me in the garden.  Kids are naturally curious and are eager to learn about how things grow.

Here are a few ideas that you can do with your kids or even your grand-kids.

How about planting a vegetable garden from seed?

Planting vegetable seeds.

My kids just love going out in the vegetable garden each day to see what has sprouted.  It gets even better when your plants start to produce…

Cherry Tomatoes (Technically a fruit, but I still call them vegetables)

Do you like flowers?  How about transforming your children’s old plastic pool and create a planter?

Let your kids choose their favorite flowers…

Then poke some holes for drainage, fill with soil and plant.  Let the kids water their new garden with a kid-sized watering can.

I also like to include my kids when I prune my shrubs.  I explain to them why we prune and where to make their pruning cuts.

My son really enjoyed pruning off the spent flowers and even though the shrub was taller than he was, he felt like a ‘big boy’ for being able to help me out in the garden.

Other ideas you can try with your kids is creating a hummingbird or butterfly container garden.  They will love to see hummingbirds or butterflies visit the garden that they created.

You can find more information on how to create a pool garden with your kids here.

Want to create a hummingbird container garden?  Find out how here.

How do you share your love of gardening with your kids?  Please share your ideas with us :-)

  1. says

    We live in an urban community so we plant vegetables among our flowers and recently joined a community garden. I love to garden with my kids from planting seedlings in the spring to transplanting after our last frost to harvesting. They enjoy seeing how our food grows and connecting with nature. I enjoy the time together.

  2. Stacy (Editors' Blog) says

    I heart this post as I’m doing very similar things with my kids, too. The best thing I did was give my kids a garden space; not to share but each has their own. It’s just a small area, but then they get to choose what goes in it. It really gets them to take ownership.

  3. says

    Always a joy to see children getting involved with something practical like gardening. Like Stacy said it makes them take ownership of something and the joy of growing vegetables or fruit is that they get to eat the produce too. Win, win :)

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