From Balmy to Frigid!

Only in the Midwest can it be 40 degrees one day and below zero the next! No wonder folks say we are hardy [or “hearty” – Minnesota nice]. LOL Our closets are bursting with clothes for any type of weather! How boring life would be without the excitement of our erratic weather. Walk down the street any day in my small town and you’ll find it’s a hot topic of conversation.

In the midst of the wacky weather and while waiting for spring, my husband and I have a date Saturday to attend the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. It promises to be a treat for all the senses! Good food goes hand-in-hand with gardening. Since I also love to share recipes from my Italian-American kitchen, I’m always looking for something new to cook. Or at least something I can use to put a new twist on an old favorite.

If you’re in the Minneapolis area, the show is happening now through Sunday, March 6. More details and ticket information here: Minneapolis Home and Garden Show
P.S. Tickets are $13 at the door. If you buy them online ahead of time, you get $3 off. If you like them on Facebook, you get an additional discount.

If you’re elsewhere in the Midwest, check out this site to see if there is a Garden Show near you: List of Home and Garden Shows

Here’s some tips for what to expect at a flower and garden show and how to get the most bang for your buck: Flower and Garden Show Tips

If I lived in the Northeast, I would SO be at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s the largest indoor flower show in world! This year’s theme is “Springtime in Paris” and the highlights look amazing. More information and a short video can be found here:  Springtime In Paris

  1. Danielle says

    Great information, Paula. Hope you and your husband enjoy the show! I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts when you get back.

  2. Jennifer says

    Thanks Paula for the great information..Hope the show was a huge success for you and your husband. My family is looking forward to the snow melting away, hopefully soon. At the end of summer last year I was fortunate enough to get 29 prennials free from a retail store that was just putting them into a dumpster. I know how sad, these wonderful flowers were just being disposed of..So I took them home and planted them with hopes that this year they will bring more buterflies and humming birds to enjoy in our garden. I look forward to my birds and blooms to arrive monthly it’s a great read.

  3. Paula says

    Thanks for getting in touch, Jennifer. You were at the right place at the right time; hope those perennials are stunning in your garden this year! Let us know how they do and enjoy the wildlife you’ll no doubt attract. :-)

  4. Marcia R. says

    I hear ya about the drastic temperature changes. You may be too far north to get those changes in the same day. Here in the southern part of the midwest, I have used my car heater in the morning, then the AC in the afternoon. The transitional changes in season get crazy.

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