Friday Funny Photography: Grackle Gathering

Enjoy some funny photography and caption this photo!

Lorie Enjoy some funny photography and caption this photo!

Friday Funny Photography: Grackle Gathering

Birds & Blooms’ Friday Fun Photography snapshot for June 6, 2014: Grackle Gathering by Ronnie Wolf of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Ronnie writes, “My husband and I were driving to Florida and at a rest stop in the Carolinas, I spotted these thirsty grackles. As I watched, six or seven of these birds landed on the fountain, quenching their thirst. I especially liked this shot because you can see water droplets flying.”

Do you have a clever caption for this fun photo? We’d love to hear it!

  1. Chris Ammann says

    So by the time I got the lamp shade off my head the wife was saying “Your cutoff mister!”. The party went down hill from there.

  2. says

    Did you see Harold and Freada? I can’t believe they are still together. And that hussy Blanch, she will do anything for an extra bug to eat. I could go on but my break is about over.

  3. Ken Lefebvre says

    Wow! I’ve worked up a powerful thirst. Now didn’t I tell you that taking the bikes would be more fun than flying.

  4. Paulette says

    Dude I keep telling you, you have to jump up and down on the foot pedal to get water, you go first !

  5. Rosemary Ann Burwell says

    “Make sure you don’t touch the faucet. Those humans have been using it and you might catch something.”

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