Friday Funny Photography: Box o’ Bluebirds

Enjoy some funny photography and caption this photo!

Lorie Enjoy some funny photography and caption this photo!

Friday Funny Photography: Box o' Bluebirds

Birds & Blooms’ Friday Fun Photography snapshot for February 21, 2014: Box o’ Bluebirds by Christi Kalmbach of Neosho, Missouri. Christi writes, “On the morning of Feb. 4, it began to snow, and while looking out our patio door, we saw this group of bluebirds huddled together seeking shelter. There were seven total, but they couldn’t all fit in the opening so they fidgeted, changed positions, and sometimes ended up one top of one another! We watched for a long time, and these little bluebirds made an otherwise dreary morning delightfully cheerful.”


It cheers us up just looking at this photo! And if you have a clever caption for this fun photo, we’d love to hear it!

  1. Susan J. Caine says

    As the snow fell, they got organized albeit a bit confused and then the director said, ” hummmm … and a one, and a two, and a … ‘I’m dreaming of a whilte …”

  2. Linda says

    Do you see that worm. What worm? That one down there inching it’s way across the grass. I don’t see any worm. I see it, I see it.

  3. LInda Jernigan says

    “You gonna try today?” “No, not today. How bout you?” “Nah, how about you ?” “Not.” ” How about you, bro?” “Nada, not me.” “What about you on the end?” “Nope, gonna wait for a better day!”

  4. Nancy A Carter says

    This little birdie went to the feeder,
    This little birdie stayed home,
    This little birdie had mealworms,
    This little birdiie had none.
    This little birdiie went, “Peep, peep, peep!” all the way home!

  5. Dawn says

    You jump! No, you jump! I’m not gonna jump! You jump! Tell sis, to jump! She won’t jump! Let’s get Mikey, he’ll jump! Where’s Mikey?

  6. Wesley Pinedo says

    “Let me see, I want to see too, no I want to see, I saw her first, oh my you’re right I’ve never seen that species by the patio door, who knows what kind it is?”

  7. Trish says

    Patricia-Trish Loxley Number four, why do you always have to be different??? Now get back in the box and put your blue cap on !!!!!!!!

  8. Mary Lee says

    So have the winter blues!!
    Let’s blow this place!!
    Family stick together!
    I love the blue babies!!
    Just whistling the blues!!

  9. Shelia Jacobs says

    Mi casa es su casa! My house is your house.
    Southern Hospitality!
    We have got to stop meeting like this!

  10. Christine Dodd says

    I’m tellin ya that cat is out there some where waiting for us to come out so he can get us. I’m staying put right here till mom comes back!!!!

  11. Colleen Uhler says

    “Hey, guys…guys…Let me see. C’mon guys, Move it to the right a little. Hey, is that a cat on that branch over there?” As the others fly away….”Ha ha ha Look who has the run of the house now!”

  12. Karen McGowan says

    “standing room only” as someone else already mentioned waiting for a bus, which was my first thought…lol

    “Blues Brothers” was clever that someone else used

  13. Andrea Addington says

    Brrr! I am cold, can you scoot over a little bit? No, I did scoot over, Bobby Blue is taking up all the, LouieTooey is taken all the room, no, …..

  14. Maxine Kominski says

    “You go first.” “No, you go first.” “I’m not going first!” “OK, someone has got to go first…just not me”

  15. says

    Hey, wasn’t the Oscars great! I love Ellen Degeneres! But I’m a little concerned about cat day! Hey I know, we can FB her and tell her to have a BIRD day! HEY BLUEIE GREAT IDEA, she’ll make us all a star!! WOOHOO HOLLYWOOD HERE WE FLY!!

  16. says

    Hey guys, do you think I could get Ellen Degeneres to let me be the mascot for 12days, I mean we are the bird of happiness! YES! And maybe we can even get momma on the show, OMG it’s been her bucket list wish forever. Heck we can all fly there ourselves!!


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