Friday Fun Photo: Kangaroo at Birdbath


Kangaroo at Birdbath

Birds & Blooms’ Friday Fun Photo for January 11, 2013: Kangaroo at Birdbath by Anne Peters of Coffin Bay, South Australia. Anne’s daughter Kym sent this photo in for her, mentioning that sometimes kangaroos would wander over from the adjacent Coffin Bay National Park for a bite of lawn or, as you can see, a drink from the birdbath.

This fun photo just begs for a clever caption, and we can’t wait to hear yours. Let the Friday Fun begin!



  1. Helen Rideout says

    Ah! At last a water source just my height. Bending over all the time sure gets the neck and back. Thanks Annie

  2. Lonie Miesner says

    I must admit that this is a very cute picture. But, are you aware of the horrible heat wave that has hit southern Australia. Many, many animals are dying from the heat. Glad to see people are keeping their bird baths full of water. :)

  3. richard stoner says

    what happened to blowing in the wind oriole feb mar 13? ijust washed my feathers and i cant do a thing with them.

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