Friday Fun Photo: Indigo Bunting on Fishing Pole


Bluebird Fishing

Birds & Blooms’Friday Fun Photo for March 15, 2013: Indigo Bunting on Fishing Pole by Kathy Teitsma of Sparta, Michigan. Kathy writes, “Last Mother’s Day, my friend, Capt. Tom Fox, was fishing Lake Michigan for salmon and steelhead for a special dinner for family and friends. He was about 6 miles off shore from the Port of Muskegon when this cute and very tired blue bird landed on his fishing pole. The bird used the same pole at least 3 times for a total of 15 minutes. Luckily, no fish were biting during the times this little bird was perched.”

Do you have a clever caption for this fermisht feathered friend? Please share!


  1. Cindy says

    “Don’t get bent out of shape if they’re not biting. If I had an eagle eye I could show you where the fish are!”

  2. Mike Dressel says

    “Any port in a storm… wait, no storm. Oh, what the heck! Any port, any time. It’s a bird thing.”

  3. Elizabeth M. says

    Here are some captions: “Ahhhh, wind’s perfect today.” Or, “Excuse me, Mr. Fisherman, do you have any more worms in there?” And, “How can this thing be bent so far? I really need to cut back on the seed…”

  4. Lonie Miesner says

    Keep reeling, keep reeling…don’t let the line go slack. Good…keep reeling, it’s almost to the boat.

  5. Hannah Begley says

    You got to admit it, I am way prettier than a fish. Besides, it’s not everyday you get a bird in the hand! Or on a stick.

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