Friday Fun Photo: Eastern Screech Owls


Friday Fun Photo: Screech Owls

Birds & Blooms’ Friday Fun Photo for January 10, 2014: Screech Owls by Gary Hudoff of Grand Island, Florida. Gary writes, “Last June I was outside doing some yard work and noticed these two small owls perched on top of our garage light. It was a great surprise because we have never seen any owls in our area before. In all, we saw five owls in our yard.”

Do you have a clever caption for this cute photo? We’d love to hear it!

  1. Heather Brown says

    “Dude! You need to lay off the field mice….there’s barely enough room for the both of us on this perch!”

  2. Lisa Velasquez says

    Yeah, we’re Statler & Waldorf… where’d those Muppets go, anyway? We’ve been sitting here for hours!

  3. Paula Hyde says

    “Whooooo’s on first”

    “I don’t know…whooooo’s on first?”

    “I told you, Whoooooo’s on first.”

    “What did you tell me? Whooooooo’s on first?!”

    “Right! Whooooooo’s on first!

    (And so it goes)

  4. adele roblin says

    Oh! We ain’t got a barrel of money;
    Maybe we’re ragged and funny.
    But we travel along, singing a song,
    Side by side.

  5. says

    Friday Fun Photo time! Gary Hudoff saw these two Screech Owls outside his home last year. What a sight! What would you caption this photo? Be sure to head over to our blog and tell us, so our editors can see your witty captions!
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    Sara Brooks My Grandson says~~”That couple must be a HOOT!!!”
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  6. Patricia Williams says

    What are they looking at?
    I don’t know, but it’s really creepy!
    Why don’t they stare at something else?

  7. Brenda Gearhart says

    The one on the left says,,,are you gonna tell him his fly is open or should I. The one on the right says,,,are ya crazy ,,he’s got a gun pointed right at us. The one on the left says,,,do you have your glasses on ?

  8. Karen Schreiber-Perlberg says

    Oh! We ain’t got a barrel of money
    Maybe we’re ragged and funny
    But we’ll travel along
    Singing a song
    Side by side

  9. Hannah Begley says

    Owls: We are the judges of the Lamp Post…We are complaining about animal cruelty.

    Human: Hey, just be glad I’m shooting you with a camera!

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