Friday Fun Photo: Bluebird Feeding


Bluebird Feeding

Birds & Blooms’ Friday Fun Photo for October 18, 2013: Bluebird Feeding by Photo Challenge user Renee Baumgartner. Renee tells us this is Papa bluebird trying out a new feeder in her backyard.

Is he ever! What a stretch! And what a great catch with the camera, Renee.

Let’s add to the fun of this snappy snapshot with some clever captions. Share yours below.


  1. Richard Rollins says

    You put your whole head in. You put your whole head out. You put your whole head in, and you shake it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey ……

  2. Fleur Duggan says

    Well, I heard you were supposed to hold your pinkies out whilst drinking from a teacup, but this is ridiculous!

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