Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights

Keep tablecloths in place at your next picnic with these adorable DIY tablecloth weights!

Jill Staake

Picnics are one of the great joys of summer, but blowing tablecloths can become a real pain. Seems like every picnic I’ve ever been on involved moving all the food and drinks around the table to keep the cloth in place! Fortunately, tablecloth weights are a simple solution – clip one to each corner and keep your food and drink where they belong! You can buy these weights, or you can make your own for just a few dollars. I designed this set from small terra cotta pots and clay flowers. Here’s how I did it.

Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights

Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights Supplies

  • 1.5-inch diameter terra cotta pots
  • Small decorative pebbles
  • Twine
  • Clay flowers (see below)
  • badge clips (found in the jewelry section of your craft store)
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights

Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights Instructions

  • Cut a piece of twine about 6 inches long. Use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of the inside of the pot, as shown.
  • Begin adding pebbles to the pot, using hot glue to secure them in place as you go, keeping the twine to one side of the pot. Finish with pebbles about level with the top of the pot.
  • Attach clay flowers and leaves with hot glue in any arrangement you like.
  • Tie the twine to the badge clip hook at the length you prefer. Squeeze the hook closed so the twine won’t slip off.
  • Repeat for the other three pots. You’re done!

Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights

Clay Flowers. To make the flowers for this project, I used the clay and molds provided in the Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay Nature Starter Kit. This clay is easy to use, safe for kids, and dries in about 24 hours to a very lightweight form that’s easy to use for crafting. If clay isn’t your thing, hit your local craft store and explore the beads and button sections for other alternatives.

Flowerpot DIY Tablecloth Weights

These would be great as favors for bridal showers, or a fun craft project for kids this summer. Let us know if you give it a try!

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