Flowering Shrubs for Hummingbirds

Orange Jubilee flowers

The beautiful flowers of Orange Jubilee (Tecoma x 'Orange Jubilee')

Visitors to my garden, both feathered and human, will immediately notice that I am a collector of flowering shrubs.  In all honesty, I prefer them over smaller perennials, although I do have quite a few of those as well.

I love the long flowering period of flowering shrubs as well as the fact that they self-shed, meaning that I do not have to deadhead them to promote additional bloom.

Because I have flowering shrubs as a main part of my garden, I also have quite a few hummingbird visitors who seem to share my affection for my shrubs as well.

Two hummingbirds at sunset

A pair of hummingbirds enjoying the sunset resting in my Palo Blanco tree.

There are quite a few different shrubs that hummingbirds are attracted to and I would like to share with you some of my favorites….

Baja Fairy Duster

Baja Fairy Duster (Calliandra californica) flowers

Even though hummingbirds are primarily attracted to red/orange flowers, they are also attracted by some yellow flowering shrubs such as Arizona Yellow Bells (Tecoma stans stans), below.

Arizona Yellow Bells

I love the bright yellow flowers of my Arizona Yellow Bells (Tecoma stans stans)

Chaparral Sage

Chaparral Sage (Salvia clevelandii) not only has beautiful flowers, but fragrant foliage.

Look closely at the shape of flowers that attract hummingbirds and you will notice similarities in their shapes.  Most are trumpet-shaped like this Eremophila flower….

Eremophila laanii

This Australian native, Eremophila laanii, is a favorite of my hummingbirds.

I have two Mexican Bird-of-Paradise shrubs growing below my kitchen window.  I am always rewarded with a close-up view of hummingbirds as they come to feed.

Mexican Bird of Paradise, Pride of Barbados

The bright orange flowers of the Caesalpinia pulcherrima are irrestible to hummingbirds.

How about you?  What flowering shrubs do you have in your garden that attract hummingbirds?  Please share with us all by leaving a comment below.

**Now you may think that planting some flowering perennials and shrubs is all you need to attract hummingbirds.  And you would be right.  But, did you know that there is more that you can do to attract them to your garden?  Stay tuned to find out more…..

  1. says

    Noelle: You are so lucky in Arizona to be able to see so many different kinds of hummingbirds! Seeing them all was a favorite thing to do for me when I was in grad school in Arizona. We only have the Ruby-throated here, but that is one of my favorite birds ever. I love attracting them to my garden, and I love to watch all of their antics. What fun!

    • Noelle says

      Hi Carole,

      It is so much fun to have hummers year round. However, there are quite a few birds that I would love to be able to see that live in your neck of the woods. I did see a cardinal the other day and was so happy that I had my camera with me :-)

  2. Margaret Jo Brock says

    Some of my favorite blue flowers are the following: Evovulus “Blue Daze”, platycodon or balloon flower, larkspur (grown from seed) and though considered a weed to some, I like chicory. Then there are the centerea or cornflower, forget-me-nots and tradescantia. Of course in spring there are countless blue hyacinths, scilla and muscari. I like to add some annual ageratum to edge beds of iris and tiny phlox. In late summer the asters lend the same color and contrast the glow of the goldenrod.

    Margaret Jo Brock
    Mocksville, NC 27028

    • Noelle says

      Hello Margaret,

      Oh, I just love blue colored flowers. I am enjoying Bachelor’s Button in my garden right now. Your garden sounds just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing :-)

  3. Catharine says

    Ours flock to the Butterfly Bushes. I have one outside the porch window that has grown from 12″ several years ago to eight feet, so when they come they’re at eye level. They also attract a non-stop parade of Monarch butterflies from late Spring through October (I’m in zone 6 in CT). The hummers also love hanging baskets of fuscia and coral bells.

    • hope king says

      My red and dark violet patunas are attracted the humming birds. Also i have bachor bitton and ohalas wirh violet in them. First year i did this and i love it! Nature gives me a peaceful feeling. Been fun watching the hummingbirds!


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