Finally, A Snowy Owl Close to Home!

Rob Ripma

I know that I’ve recently been writing a lot about Snowy Owls, but this is truly one of the most amazing irruption years for this species that I’ve ever seen. I’ve had so much fun following all of the reports that I just can’t help but to write about them! On my last update, I’d seen several Snowy Owls in Michigan and northern Indiana, but none of them had been very close to home. Around mid-day yesterday, a local birder found a Snowy Owl in the very northern part of my home county! It was less than 30 minutes away, so my brother and I decided to run over there right away to see if we could find it.

Once we arrived, we quickly found the Snowy Owl perched up on a corn stalk.  (Appropriate for Indiana – right?)  Over the next 30 minutes, the owl flew around the field multiple times and perched in several different places. While it never got very close, I managed to get a few photos of the bird.

Snowy Owl on Ground

This was the closest that the Snowy Owl came to us. It was still pretty distant so the photo is somewhat blurry, but you can still tell it’s a Snowy Owl!

Snowy Owl in Flight

After sitting in the field for a few minutes, the Snowy Owl flew across the field causing huge flocks of Lapland Longspurs, Horned Larks and Snow Buntings to fly.

  1. Linda Crawford says

    I live in essex county, Ontario , outside of Amherstburg, which is on the Detroit river, south of Windsor Ontario and Detroit Michigan. There is a vacant barn behind me , and saw a small owl there, sitting on the ledge if a broken window. First time Ever seeing this………may have been a snowy owl. Can you help identify if I send photos I took?
    This comment section won’t attach photos.

  2. says

    I live in Sabina Oh…….we had a snowy owl found in Clinton County & one found in Fayette County….they think both died from a viral infection which made eating difficult & they starved to death. Such beautiful birds!

  3. Terry says

    We have a snowy owl in Virginia that has been here since Christmas. Our local news station and newspaper wrote an article on it. I have seen it three times. (last time 1/18/14) I have beautiful pics.

  4. Betty Ellis says

    I live in Quincy MA and my son-in-law has said that there have been some spotted here where he works this winter, possibly seven. I have yet gone to look at them but am looking forward to doing so, soon.

  5. anita says

    We have a snowy owl here in Western NC in Jan. It was captured & is now in “rehab”
    Several benefits have been done to raise the money for the expenses.

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