Favorite Flowering Trees…

There is nothing quite like flowering trees that herald the beginning of spring.

Apple Tree Blossoms

Whether it the blossoms that cover your favorite fruit tree.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Or the grape-bubblegum scented purple flowers of the Texas Mountain Laurel.

Magnolia Tree

Maybe it is the overly large flowers of the Magnolia tree.

Desert Willow

The trumpet-shaped flowers of the Desert Willow attract both people and hummingbirds.


The lush tropical flowers of the Jacaranda tree are lovely.

But I must admit, that my favorite is the yellow-flowering Palo Verde in my back garden…

'Desert Museum' Palo Verde

What is your favorite flowering tree?

Check out Bird & Blooms article “Top 10 Flowering Trees” to see if your favorite flowering tree is included.


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