Favorite Fall Plants: Pink-Flowering Ornamental Grass

Regal Mist

Fall is in the air and summer blooms are beginning to fade, but the garden is far from being finished for the year.  Cooler temperatures bring a host of other plants that wait until fall to show off.

Do you have a favorite fall plant, whose bloom you look forward to each year?

My personal fall favorite is Gulf Muhly ‘Regal Mist’.  As you can see, it isn’t your typical flowering plant – it is an ornamental grass.

Here are its stats:

Botanical Name: Muhlenberbia capillaris ‘Regal Mist’

Common Name: Gulf Muhly or Pink Muhly

Native to: East Texas

Zones: 6 – 11

Size: 3 ft. tall and wide

Requirements: Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. Prune back to 6 inches in late winter/early spring.

Flowering: Burgundy plumes appear in fall.

Attracts: Butterflies & birds.  Gulf Muhly is deer resistant.


In spring, the grassy foliage is an attractive green color that lasts through the summer months.

Gulf Muhly

As fall approaches, fluffy pink plumes begin to appear against the green background.

Muhlenbergia capillaris 'Regal Mist'

As autumn progresses, the plumes begin to turn a dark burgundy color…

Regal Mist flowering

When Gulf Muhly is in flower, it literally stops traffic with its beautiful fall, color.

Gulf Muhly 'Regal Mist'

Gulf Muhly looks great when planted in groups of 3 or more.  I like to see them planted alongside large boulders or along a bare wall.  They also look nice when planted around an airy tree where they can receive a good amount of sun.

Regal Mist Winter

In winter, the plumes fade to an attractive wheat color and this ornamental grass still adds beauty and texture to the winter garden.

I love plants like this, that look good most of the year and need very little maintenance.  For more information on this beautiful ornamental grass including the states it grows in, check out the following link.

Do you have a favorite ornamental grass?  Please share it with us!

Come back next Friday, when we will profile another fall-blooming plant.

  1. says

    Gulf Muhly looks spectacular! Will it grow north of the U.S. border, in Canada? I live north east of Toronto, Ontario and would like to know if I could plant this up there.

    I have sandy soil – houses build over an old gravel pit, with acess to lots of water if required.
    Thanks for any information you can give me.

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