Easter Egger Chickens

Two years ago my sister decided to raise a few chickens.  She started out with four, two of which, were ‘Easter Eggers’.

The light yellow and brown and white chicks were the 'Easter Eggers'.

What are ‘Easter Egger’ chickens, you may ask?  Well, they aren’t a breed – they are a hybrid variety of chicken that carry the ‘blue’ egg gene from the pure Araucana breed.

Meet 'Lucy'.

There is a very wide variability between the appearance of ‘Easter Egger’ chickens.  Lucy, above, is white. ‘Effie’ below has a rich variety of brown tones.

Because of the huge differences in appearance, it is impossible to know ahead of time, what color an ‘Easter Egger’ chick will end up having.

Meet 'Effie'

Easter Eggers typically lay green eggs, although some lay blue, white, brown or even pink eggs.  An ‘Easter Egger’ chicken will only lay one egg color its whole life.

The fun part is, is that there is no way to tell what color egg a particular ‘Easter Egger’ will lay until it is old enough to start laying eggs.

Both Effie and Lucy lay green eggs.  Their nest mates, Flo and Ramona lay brown eggs.

I am often the grateful recepient of these beautiful eggs.

Although the appearance of ‘Easter Eggers’ vary widely, there are some shared characteristics.  Generally, they have a pea comb as well as green colored legs and some have tufts.  Some hatcheries incorrectly identify them as Ameraucanas or Araucanas – (Easter Eggers are related, but have been cross-bred with other breeds).

They are very gentle and friendly and are an excellent choice for your chicken flock.

Besides, how can you resist such a cute face?

A face only a mother could love ;-)

  1. Cindy Burrington says

    Hi all, When I was young my Dad had an Araucana. I think he bought it through a catalog. I remember the advertisement said something about a chicken that could lay a golden egg, lol. It looked similar to the picture of Effie above. Her eggs were usually an olive-green color but did vary a little in color sometimes a little more blueish or green, but she never laid that golden egg, lol!

  2. says

    A few years ago I had a couple of araucanas, one laying turquoise eggs, the other the lovely pinkishbrown eggs. They live a long time, can be socialized, but still try to hide their nests, so that even when placed in a hen house in winter, we had to keep “nest eggs” for them to continue to lay. One would wait 2 or 3 days, then lay 2 or 3 eggs one day when a couple of nest eggs appeared in her nest! When out in the yard in spring and summer, she would still hide her eggs under a shrub so that we had to locate the nest. The yokes of their eggs are a deeper yellow than Leghorns egg yolks.

    • Noelle says

      Hello Rosanne,

      Your chickens sound like they did their best to keep their eggs hidden. Flo started laying hers in the compost pile and it took over a week to find that hiding place :-)

  3. Paula Chapman says

    I have some easter layer they lay the green eggs. We have to keep the from the other chickens they are mean to them. Almost killed one of them

  4. Beverly Elgan says

    When I grew up….many years ago, lots of people had chickens in the town I lived in. If my dad would have heard for the araucanas chickens, we would had some. We had Rhode Island red chickens. They lay brown eggs. We also had bantums. Dad would let some of our hens set. Sure would have been nice to have had green aeggs lack them. At Easter time we traded some of our bantum eggs for goose eggs.

  5. says

    We just started raising chickens and got 3 “easter eggers” yesterday. They are Daisy, Tulip & Iris. They are adorable & my girls are so excited!

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