You Don’t Say: Mirror, Mirror…


You Don’t Say: Mirror, Mirror...

In our October/November issue, we feature this fun snapshot from George Hernandez Jr. of Boise, Idaho. Do you have a clever caption for this picture? Share it below and you might see your caption and name printed in the December/January issue of Birds & Blooms!

  1. says

    Master of disguise: the yellow headed black bird joins the city blackbird gang by painting his head black but when he heads to the water he realises its already worn away.

  2. says

    Master of disguise: The yellow headed blackbird joins the city blackbird gang by by painting his head black but when he heads to water he realises its already worn away.

  3. Genevieve Broyles says

    Ahhhhh, that bird looks just like the cute chick who danced with me the other day, of course I blew it again.

  4. Donna O'Donohoe says

    “This diet I’ve been on is getting to me now because everything is looking like sticks and twigs in addition to tasting like it!”

  5. Kendra Johnson says

    I seriously thought i was wearing something darn beautiful, but that light-headed fellow stole my fashion line and copied me!!!!!How dare you! Copybird Alert!

  6. Anna Ward says

    This magic mirror is defective! I asked who the fairest black bird of all was 5 times already and I didn’t get an answer once!

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