You Don’t Say: Bug Off!

Enjoy some funny photography and caption this photo!

Lorie Enjoy some funny photography and caption this photo!

You Don’t Say: Bug Off!

In our August/September issue, we feature this fun snapshot from Richard Jarrrett of Beaufort, South Carolina. Do you have a clever caption for this picture? Share it below and you might see your caption and name printed in the October/November issue of Birds & Blooms!

  1. Gerry McGovern says

    “I’ll keep my nose out of your business if you keep your business off of my nose!”

  2. Mary says

    Would you like to come over for dinner?…what’s the main course, you ask? oh, it’s a surprise!

  3. Rosemary Krajnik says

    “That will be two flies for the feather-grooming. Thanks for using Spidey’s Bird Salon.”

  4. Hannah Begley says

    Yes, I’ll admit I ate your friends, but I never said anything about eating you! What an idea. Now, would you do me a favor and please climb a little lower…

  5. Marjorie Opferbeck says

    I love your RED HAIR. WHERE DO YOU GET IT DONE? Please dont eat me I dont have much meat on my bones.

    • Phyllis M. Cox says

      “Excuse me, sir. But may I help you?”
      “I’m sorry. Let me get my beak out of your way.”

  6. james chain smoker says

    HEY! Next time you bark up the wrong tree, your DEAD MEAT…. Or should i say DEAD ARACHNID. *evil cackle* ahh ahah GET OUT!

  7. says

    “I’m not afraid of spiders, I’m not afraid of spiders, I’m not afraid of spiders, I’m not afraid of spi…I’m not afraid of…I’m not afra…I’m not…I’m…I’m…”YIKES”….I’m gone!

  8. says

    “Listen up Red!” I know this “shag” is your “favorite diner”, but I’ve been around the web a few times myself and I’m making this place mine, all mine! Get it? So take your beak and go knock around another Oak!

  9. Kimberly Powell says

    Ok now. You go right HERE, in this hole. I’LL BE BOCK!!! ( in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) (to EAT you)

  10. Gayle says

    Spider! “Woody, Woody can you come here?” Don’t panic, breath through your beak. “WOODY GET OVER HERE NOW!” “SPIDER!!!”

  11. James, Ocala, FL says

    Keep watching the hands and repeat after me, I do not eat spiders, I do not eat spiders, I do not eat spiders….

  12. Donna Kust says

    Shoo bug don’t bother me.
    Shoo bug don’t bother me
    Shoo bug don’t bother me
    ‘Cause I really need to peck this tree.

  13. Debra Kempf says

    “Is this the take-out I ordered” or “Yikes I think I need to get my eyes checked, that’s the second time I missed!”

  14. Beth Mitchell says

    Please, Mr. Spider, get off of my bill,
    You’re interrupting my meal of the exquisite fill
    Of bugs and of grubs whose culinary delight,
    Is my favorite pastime from morning till night!

  15. Genevieve Broyles says

    Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is? Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it, Mike. What, What!

  16. Chris Osborne says


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